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Underwear Photo Editing

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Underwear Photo Editing

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Underwear Photo Editing

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Underwear Photo EditingUnderwear Photo Editing


A basic retouching is often needed for photos that only need light editing. Problems that are usually fixed are those visible flaws in the photos such as stray hair, uneven skin tones, pimples, and the red-eye effect. The following techniques are used to make a basic model retouching service:

  • Blemish, scar and pimple removal
  • Stray hair removal
  • Skin Smoothening
  • Face/body liquefying
  • Color/tone correction
  • Lines/wrinkles reduction
  • Teeth whitening


Unlike a basic retouching, advanced retouching often involves many techniques and more expertise. Models cannot assure that photographers will always get the best shots. Their skin, for example, is prone to having imperfections with all the heavy makeup. Alluring model photos are produced with the following advanced retouching techniques:

  • Eyes enhancement
  • Dodge and burn effect
  • Skin toning
  • Adding digital make-up
  • Airbrushed effect
  • Adding contrast and sharpening
  • Wrinkles/lines/spot reduction
Underwear Photo EditingUnderwear Photo Editing
Underwear Photo EditingUnderwear Photo Editing


An important aspect of a great model photo is the background. This is why there are photo shoots that are done on location. Although models can be photographed on exotic locations, it can be a costly production. With background retouching, making the necessary changes to create a new background that will suit the client’s preferences or any concept becomes possible. To have a suitable background, the following retouching techniques are used:

  • Clipping path
  • Image masking
  • Background changing
  • Background manipulation
  • Background extension
  • Distraction/objects removal


Models are expected to look flawless and attractive, especially for commercial or media photographs. One of the interesting facets of photo retouching is that it does not only focus on beautifying the facial features of the model. Our model photo retouching service also allows virtual body shaping and fitness. If there are flaws on the body, such as scars and other marks, they can also be fixed as well so that the whole body that is exposed will look as smooth and blemish-free as the face. The following techniques are used for a full body retouching:

  • Face/body reshaping
  • Body liquify
  • Slimming
  • Skin smoothing & toning
  • Cellulite removal
  • Color correction
Underwear Photo EditingUnderwear Photo Editing
Underwear Photo EditingUnderwear Photo Editing


Makeup is one of the most significant elements that affects the visual impact of photography. Especially for the fashion and beauty industry, digital makeup is often highlighted to add drama and style. Our model retouching service offers high-end retouching for stunning photos ready for showcase.

  • Adding/enhancing makeup
  • Skin smoothing/toning
  • Blemishes removal
  • Lengthening/darkening of lashes
  • Airbrushing
  • Adding fantasy/special makeup effects
  • Frizzy hair removal
  • Image masking


An image can look better when the colors look more vivid, brighter or have more contrast. Either the photo is shot with poor lighting, regardless of the reason, it is possible to show the best colors through an expert color post-processing. There are many techniques that can help achieve the best color profile on every image. Among these techniques are the following:

  • Saturation correction
  • Adding/reducing warmth
  • Exposure adjustment
  • Contrast adjustment
  • Sharpening & highlighting
  • Image noise reduction
Underwear Photo EditingUnderwear Photo Editing


A model’s greatest asset is beauty. Both male and female models silently want to have the perfect headshots in order to entice clients into booking them for their services. But more than achieving perfection, it is also important to have headshots that look natural and authentic. Photographers can capture beautiful photos but only expert photo editors can create engaging photos that almost speak to the clients.

When it comes to headshot retouching, there are specific factors to consider when enhancing photos. Male models, for example, should have headshots that look masculine and imposing. Women, on the other hand, should look more feminine so softening the facial features are a must. This can also be the other way around, should the client be specifically looking for the opposite retouch styling.

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Underwear Photo Editing

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