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Professional photo editing services to photographers and photography studios around the globe.

ClippingPathUnited has mastered the art of shadow effects in product photography especially original shadow photo editing. This effect should be precisely applied to images to achieve a natural and realistic look. It adds depth and character to a flat image transforming them into an eye-catching photo. Original shadow photo editing is commonly applied to garment (shirts, lingerie, pants, underwear, etc.), various product items (books, bags, wallets, jewelry, eye-wear, etc.). Aside from the background removal services, we would also mask images prior using shadow effects on them.

For original shadow photo editing, we try to retain the initial shadow created by the products during photography or to soften it depending on what would be suited best for the image to shine. Images with shadow effects can be used in different media which includes personal websites, e-commerce business pages, online product catalogs, digital media advertisements, magazines and so much more.

Some of our regular clients include professional photographers and business owners who want to focus more on other activities than spend time editing their images. They come to us and trust us that we will always give them high quality results at very convenient price packages with a very fast turnaround time. Sounds amazing, right? Book us now and we would be thrilled to be of service to you.

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What’s In It For You?

At ClippingPathUnited, we always want our clients happy and satisfied with the final images that we deliver. We take note carefully the outcome that you desire for us to hit all the scores perfectly. You are in for a treat when you choose to work with us with these benefits:

  • Fast turnaround time – Time is money when it comes to business and in this fast paced modern world we give you your orders done within 24 hours.
  • Highest quality – You come to us for professional image editing services and we guarantee you came at the right place. Our photo editors are the best in what they do.
  • Very reasonable prices – Our wide array of services are priced affordably. We even offer discounts for our regular clients.
  • Skilled photo editors and hardworking customer support – We take pride in our editors and customer support team since they are at our front-line to serve you the best. Message them anytime for clarifications or necessary assistance.
  • Cutting edge editing technology – We use the latest technologies in image editing to achieve stunning images for your product photos and others.

We know you want the best quality for an affordable price. And at ClippingPathUnited, we exactly give you all that plus the quick completion time of your projects. But wait, there’s more! We are giving you a free trial for a test image of your preference and we will finish it and send it back within 24 hours. Message us right away thru our email at and let’s discuss about the image editing services you need.

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Makeup is one of the most significant elements that affects the visual impact of photography. Especially for the fashion and beauty industry, digital makeup is often highlighted to add drama and style. Our model retouching service offers high-end retouching for stunning photos ready for showcase.

  • Adding/enhancing makeup
  • Skin smoothing/toning
  • Blemishes removal
  • Lengthening/darkening of lashes
  • Airbrushing
  • Adding fantasy/special makeup effects
  • Frizzy hair removal
  • Image masking


An image can look better when the colors look more vivid, brighter or have more contrast. Either the photo is shot with poor lighting, regardless of the reason, it is possible to show the best colors through an expert color post-processing. There are many techniques that can help achieve the best color profile on every image. Among these techniques are the following:

  • Saturation correction
  • Adding/reducing warmth
  • Exposure adjustment
  • Contrast adjustment
  • Sharpening & highlighting
  • Image noise reduction
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A model’s greatest asset is beauty. Both male and female models silently want to have the perfect headshots in order to entice clients into booking them for their services. But more than achieving perfection, it is also important to have headshots that look natural and authentic. Photographers can capture beautiful photos but only expert photo editors can create engaging photos that almost speak to the clients.

When it comes to headshot retouching, there are specific factors to consider when enhancing photos. Male models, for example, should have headshots that look masculine and imposing. Women, on the other hand, should look more feminine so softening the facial features are a must. This can also be the other way around, should the client be specifically looking for the opposite retouch styling.

Are you ready to have your retouching jobs done by us? Check out which service fits your needs from our professional headshot retouching services above and get a quote.

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