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Highend Photo Retouching

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Highend Photo Retouching

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Highend Photo Retouching

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Highend Photo RetouchingHighend Photo Retouching


Unlike portraits, glamour or beauty retouching is leaning towards perfection. These images are usually used for magazines, portfolios, and other editorial purposes. Aside from enhancing the subject, there is a need to make the model look as perfect as possible without overdoing it. Our highend retouching service is for achieving ethereal-looking photos using advanced techniques including:

  • Removing skin imperfections
  • Adding or correcting makeup
  • Reshaping of the face/body
  • Frequency separation technique
  • Dodge and burn
  • Color enhancement
  • Contrast & brightness adjustments
  • Outfit & accessories retouching.


The world of fashion is constantly evolving. You should not be surprised if you will see unconventional makeup using bold colors. When it comes to retouching photos for fashion, our editors are well-aware of the need to have stunning photos. We are experts at bringing out exactly how you would like the photos to turn out with highend retouching service.

  • Light, contrast & color adjustments
  • Color correction
  • Liquefying model’s shape of face/body
  • Removing blemishes & skin imperfections
  • Background enhancement/removal
Highend Photo RetouchingHighend Photo Retouching
Highend Photo RetouchingHighend Photo Retouching


Highend retouching requires specific enhancements for the hair, skin, and body. It is integral that the specifications of the client are met in order to come up with images that are required for a certain purpose. For example, if the client is going to use the photos for skin products, then it is essential that the skin should look flawless. Photos for shampoo and other hair products can do well with fixing the stray hair, adding volume and shine. For models that need to look fit and fab, we can digitally remove excess flab and even add definition so that the muscles look tamed.

  • Making the skin blemish-free
  • Body contouring & liquefying
  • Skin smoothing and toning
  • Background cleanup & retouching.


Magazines, especially fashion ones, demand the best quality photos before getting published. Highend retouching for magazines requires perfect attention to details. Advanced photo techniques are used to creatively enhance the photos.

  • Glamour photo retouching techniques
  • Expert portrait retouching
  • Dramatic photo retouching
  • Clearing complexion
  • HDR photo editing
  • Hue & Saturation adjustment.
Highend Photo RetouchingHighend Photo Retouching
Highend Photo RetouchingHighend Photo Retouching


Commercial photos or those that are used for e-commerce sites, must be eye-catching, detailed, and create a positive impression to the viewer. Our expert photo editors can help you achieve these goals with the use of our specialized editing techniques.

The final picture should also resemble the actual product as much as possible to avoid having disappointed reactions from the customers.

  • Professional background removal
  • Realistic & highly-detailed images
  • Contrast, brightness & sharpness adjustments
  • Dodge and burn
  • Highend skin retouching
  • HDR photo editing.


There are instances where the “less is more” principle does not apply. Theater actors, for example, need to have exaggerated photos for their portfolios in order to show their versatility in doing different roles. This is why our team also offers dramatic photo retouching, as needed by the clients. With our highend retouching service, we can achieve whatever dramatic effects that you would like to be applied on your photos.

  • Applying digital makeup
  • Other artistic enhancements
  • Overall skin retouching & toning
  • Color correction, contrast & sharpness adjustments
  • Removing blemishes, lines, wrinkles
Highend Photo RetouchingHighend Photo Retouching
Highend Photo RetouchingHighend Photo Retouching


Our excellent portrait retouching service can make plain-looking portraits look professional. Our highend retouching techniques can make the photos look better by:

  • Manipulating the colors
  • Removing unwanted distractions
  • Adjusting brightness & saturation
  • Natural skin smoothing & toning
  • Teeth whitening/Eyes & lips enhancing
  • Correcting skin perfections
  • Spots, wrinkles, and blemish removal.


High-dynamic-range (HDR) image blending is one of our specialties at Ephotovn. We understand how some clients would like to have all the important details in their photos. Fashion photos are the best examples where HDR photos are absolutely necessary. With our highend retouching service, we can blend all the important factors that affect how the final HDR photo looks.

  • Tones & temperatures adjustments
  • HDR photo retouching
  • White levels & exposures adjustments
  • Contrast & sharpness adjustments
  • Curves and level layer masking.
Highend Photo RetouchingHighend Photo Retouching



ClippingPathUnited specializes in highend retouching for all types of photos. Our company guarantees extraordinary modifications using professional techniques in order to improve the quality and overall look of every photo. With our highend retouching techniques, you will have prominent-looking and eye-catching images that are fit for any use, including e-commerce, fashion magazines, and portrait photography.

A highend retouching means being able to enhance the photo without compromising the original look. This is why our editors are extra careful at keeping the natural skin textures, colors, and beauty marks on the models. By providing professional retouching services, our goal is always to produce attention-grabbing photos without distorting the original images.

It can take several methods to achieve highend photo retouching. It takes more than one skill to smoother the skin, remove all kinds of blemishes, and other skin perfecting effects. There are also specific techniques when retouching other body parts, like the hair, teeth, and the body. On top of it all, there may be a need to make all the edits look natural or genuine. The advanced techniques are mastered through experience and plenty of hours studying and practicing them. Our skillful team can seamlessly merge different expert retouching techniques to keep the photos as effortlessly beautiful as possible.

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