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Watermark Remove In Photoshop

Removing existing watermarks from your or others’ photos can be essential while blogging, photography, or running a magazine. Because purchasing a photo that you want with a watermark can be costly to get that photo without watermark. In that case, a professional watermark removal service can be your best friend. So, here we are to let you how we are going to do this for you; why the watermark removes process in Photoshop is quite essential for you. Let’s jump into our detailed article about adding and removing the watermark.

Should you use a watermark on your photos?

Many people, especially photographers, think that a watermark on their photos can prevent others from stealing their images. Well, it is not wholly accurate in any sense. Because any Photoshop expert like us can easily remove your watermark from your images by using their editing talent, even sometimes, people can just clone or crop your photos to remove the watermark without using Photoshop. We are not discouraging you from using watermarks. You should, but if you are thinking that it can prevent your photo from using by others without your permission, it can’t. Although, in other sense, using a watermark on your photos can be helpful such as for branding. If you have place watermark with your company logo, there is a chance that people will remember your company name, or at least it will knock them in their head twice, first while viewing your page and second while seeing the watermark. So, that can help them to remember you. Besides, in that way, you can market your brand without any cost. Wasn’t it right for a business? Of course, yes. So, we would suggest you use a watermark on your photos but don’t expect people won’t steal your creation.

Why Do We Need To Remove Watermark?

There is much reason to remove a watermark. In some cases, we saw people want some specific image to use in their blog, which can relate to the blog mostly. But that had the watermark. So, in that case, they required help to remove the watermark. Don’t think like that removing watermark for only others’ works. Sometimes it happens like we want to or have changed our company or business logo or just upgraded that. In that situation, you must need to change your existing watermark from the previously watermarked photos. Otherwise, your viewers will get confused or even doubt your artworks. However, the second reason is the most common in professionals that asked for our help to remove their previously used watermark. Because in that scenario, people need to remove watermarks in bulk amounts. Sometimes it also likes some websites are asking for money if you want to use their watermark-free images. That is also a primary reason you would need to remove watermark when you are not willing to pay them.

How To Add Watermark In Photoshop?

Adding a watermark logo on your photo is a creative work. We want to help you in this case also. To start with this, you have to create a new file in Photoshop. Click the file and select New. Once you see the new document window pop up, you have to switch it from pixel to inches and make it 20 by 15 at 300 resolution. Once you do all that, you can click Create. When your document is open, hit T on the keyboard or just go to the Text tool that is going to let you type the text you want. After typing the word you want, click on the Font and change it according to your expectations. The afterward thing we are going to do is saving that image as PNG. Go to the File and click on Save As, select the PNG, and file directory as you want. Now you would want to use this on your images. So, just open the image you want the watermark to add. It can happen like the color of the watermark you have chosen that won’t look good on the photo. You can actually invert it by clicking Ctrl and I, or you could just add a color overlay by going to Fix > Adding A Color. You have to resize the watermark after choosing the best suitable color and reposition it as you want. We suggest you make the size smaller as possible and position it at any corner of the photo. So, the viewers will not be distracted by the watermark. This is the perfect way to brand your photos with a watermark. It is not quite tricky, but it requires a better and professional taste while creating a watermark.

How We Remove Watermark In Photoshop?

You will find different ways out there to remove a watermark from a photo. First of all, we are here not to influence you to steal other artwork. This instruction is mainly made to raise awareness in our art community to let them know how easy it is to remove your added watermark. And it is because watermarks are not all that effective for protecting your artwork or photos.

Process 1: Remove with the Clone Stamp tool

First of all, open the image in Photoshop that you want to edit. Then click on the toolbar and select the Clone Stamp Tool. With the Clone Stamp Tool, you can click on the watermarks and paint that part like brushing. With this tool, what you can do is it will clone the regular background part and paste it on the watermark portion. In that way, you can remove the immediate watermark extracting.

Process 2: Remove with the Rectangular Marquee tool

But what if the result you want to bring that could not be achieved through the Clone Stamp tool. Don’t be worried. To do that, we are going to use this method. At first, click on the Rectangular tool from the toolbar section and make a rectangular shape around the watermark you want to remove. Then select the layer you have just created and name it not to get confused. After that, press Shift and F5 to open the Fill window and select the Content-Aware and click on OK. In the next step, just move the newly created layer under the main image layer, and you will see the watermark just got vanished like it was never there before. It is so simple and cool.

Process 3: Remove with the Lasso tool

You can find it a bit easier while doing the same trick with the Lasso Tool. It is because the Rectangular tool only has its shape to mark the watermark. But when you need to be more specific than only the Lasso tool. Lasso tool is especially useful while you want to remove a signature that spreads exceeding a particular portion because of font and design. To start, click on the Lasso tool from the toolbar section. Now mark around the signature with the tool. When you are done with marking, click on the Edit > Fill and choose the Content-Aware as like as before. Click Ok. Content-Aware is going to analyze the background and attempt to replace the selection part. Then move the layer under the main layer, and you are done with this process.

Process 4:  To remove complex watermark logo

The last remaining is really the most difficult one to remove when you have something like in the center of your photo. It happens when people want to secure their images with a center-positioned and big sized watermark like as we see in Shutterstock photos. Our final process is for that kind of watermark removing. You can do this trick by just using the Clone Stamp tool to do that. But it will take much time while removing manually. So, what we are going to do that we will go online and look for that artist’s logo and download it. In general, you can find that on their website or pages or at least on the internet. If not, then you may have to redraw the logo by yourself. Anyway, whatever way you have got that, just import the image in Photoshop. Then resize the newly imported logo according to the existing watermark. Just try to match in allwhere with the positions and the size of the logo. And then what we are going to do is we will make a selection by holding Ctrl and clicking on the little icon there in the layer palette to put a selection around that logo. After that, we are going to hide that logo. You can do that by clicking on Ctrl + H. And then we are going to back to that layer that has the watermark on it. Make a right-click on the layer and select Duplicate It. And on that duplicate, you have to create a mask. Now if you hide that background image, you suppose to see exactly what that did, that logo should cut out a hole in the mask. So now, if you bring your other layer back and on the top duplicate layer, you change the composite method to either screen or perhaps multiply it. It depends on how that watermark is blending. Anyway, after adjusting that, reduce the opacity until that disappears entirely with the existing watermark. Yeah, just like magic.

How To Create Your Signature Into a Watermark Logo In Photoshop

In this part, we are going to talking about how to convert your signature into a watermark so that you can face it anywhere you want. It can be applied in your images to your designs or even in your family nerves in case you are a celebrity.

1.     Right ways to create it

Firstly, you need to take a piece of paper and a pen and sign on it. But make sure that the sign that does not overlap. Then if you have a scanner or anything, scan it. If you don’t, just take your camera and take a snap of it. Then bring it to your Photoshop. Now since this is a raw photo, it will open in Adobe Camera Raw, if this is not then we are going to tell you what to do. First of all, you would need to rotate the photo in the right position. Now, let’s set the white balance right. If your camera quality is not smart enough, the paper color of the photo will look like a little grey. To correct that, click on the Eyedropper tool and click on the paper portion of the image. While clicking on the Eyedropper tool, press the Alt button as well and drag the white balance until you see the artistic effect. Do it the same in case of black as well. You can also do that automatically. Click on the options tab right of the color correction window and click on Camera Raw Default, press and hold the Shift key and double click on it. It will automatically analyze and set the white point. Do it the same for black also. Once you have done, click on the open image.

If it were not a raw photo, it would have opened directly to the step without the Adobe Camera Raw interface. All you have to then is very simple, go to the Filter and click on the Adobe Camera Raw filter.

2.     Process

In this part, you have to select the signature part from the picture. To do that, select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and make the selection of that area. Do not worry about the extra thing, which is selected. All you need to do now is pressing Ctrl/Command + C to copy that. Now press Ctrl/Command + C  for a new window. Paste it there. On the new window, click on the Brush tool, use the white color on it, and brush the extra portion of the copied signature image. So, we will only have a white background and a signature.

Now you have click on the Select and select the Color Range and make sure you have the Shadow option selected and also switch the Selection Preview to Grayscale. Using Grayscale means any area which is selected will be white, and any area that is not selected will be black. This just a representation. After that, you would need to play a bit with the Fuzziness and Range. First, make both of these to zero. Then gradually increase the value until it looks understandable. When it seems as your expectation, click Ok. Once you are done this, create a new layer. You suppose to have the active selection, so fill it up with black. Make sure to switch foreground color is black; if it is not, press X to toggle between the foreground and the background color. Then press D to reset the swatches. Then press Alt + Backspace or Option + Delete, it will automatically fill it up with black. Simple right?

Now you can go ahead and delete layer one and then create the signature as an object. To do that, the background must need to be transparent. Just go to the File tab and click on Export and then export as PNG. Curious about why PNG? PNG supports transparent background, unlike JPEG. So, make sure the format is in PNG and then check the Fine Convert To SRGB and export all. After that, you would be ready to import in other images. To do that, import the picture where you want to place it and then import the signature PNG image into Photoshop. Resize that as you wish.

Then you may have the question about how to change the color of it. That is also very simple, create a solid color adjustment by clicking on the down right corner gray-white icon. Choose the color that you want and press Alt or Option and click on the line between both layers. What this actually does is that it can find the solid color layer. So, the layer stays just beneath it. If you want to optimize the opacity, just select the layer and change the transparency value as you need. So, that is all about how you can convert your signature into a watermark.

Final thought,

In any sense, watermark remove is essential for running your photography profession properly. That is why we have discussed the all available information that you would need to work with your watermark. Whether you are going to change your existing watermark design or want to change someone else’s, you can contact us with your detail project info. Let us solve the hassle so that you can focus on your creativity. You can ask for a custom quote. Even if you have a bulk amount of watermark remove related work, we can take care of that as well. Get to the better decision, satisfy your clients more than ever. Till then, take care.


Searching for the easiest way to remove the watermark from your image? You don’t have to anymore. In this article, you can hit the books how to remove watermark in both beginner and expert ways.



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