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Image Editing Services include a lot of different small tasks, and we can provide all of them. It is possible because of our inhouse experts who specialize in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Lightroom along with other necessary editing apps. Some of the most frequently requested services include Clipping Path Services, Ghost Mannequin Service, Image Masking Services, Photoshop Color Correction, Image Retouching Services, Raster to Vector Conversion, Image Restoration Services, etc. We offer very competitive pricing so that everyone can take our services to complete their projects. Our team is present all the time to take your custom order and deliver it within the deadline.

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Image Editing Services

The Best Budget-Friendly Image Editing Service:

Are you a professional photographer or corporate company?

Are you an individual who is looking for professional photo editors and looking to outsource your images, who can deliver your images at the right time and quality you expect? If so, then you jumped in the right place. We know your importance and feelings regarding your images. It may one of your creative captures or maybe your next flagship product that is in the way to launch.

Whether it is a professional purpose or a personal reason, your time to hassle has come to an end. We will help you to learn more about why you need an image editing service and what you should consider while choosing the best service provider among them. Not only that, you are going to have a detailed idea of how we work as one of the best editing service provider. So, without any further, let’s begin.

5 Things You Should Consider Before Starting Image Editing?
Mostly, when we are editing photos, we get asked all the time, how we decide what it’s going to look like or how we end up the result. As an image editor guy, you have to talk about the feeling and the story behind an image.
Mayhap you are thinking about how we do that. Well, the reality is, you should never take some photos, get them into the Lightroom and go straight to the develop module, and start clicking sliders. The process is random. In this way, you are not being creative and thinking about the journey and story that you want to tell.
This is our list of five things you should do before you start editing images on your own.

Image Editing Services

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Image Editing Services
Image Editing Services
Image Editing Services

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Image Editing Services

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Hand-drawn clipping path, high-quality image editing, quick turnaround time.
All starting at just $0.49 USD/photo


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1. What should be the Story

The first thing that you need to consider is the feeling and the story that you want to tell with your image. A feeling is anything like you want it to feel dark, moody, and dangerous, or you might want it to feel bright and energetic. Even you may want to tell a story like you want to express love through the models when it’s a wedding photo, it could be anything with a story. That is actually, the story is all about.
It might seem silly to get it in your head beforehand because it will affect everything you do in the editing process. So, always think about the story and the feeling of your image.

2. Identify the Style

Next, we have the style of the image. Do you want it to be in the style of a corporate headshot or in the style of a wedding magazine or in the style of a fashion magazine? Now, you might think what we mean in a style of. Well, assume you are shooting at a wedding, the people or the clients don’t just want basic wedding photos. They want their photos to be like the one that they see in the magazines, in the style of that.
Also, for example, think if it is in the style of a surfer magazine, which requires high contrasts, lots of bright colors and often lots of green in there. So, always think about the style of the photographs. It is imperative.

3.Photo Information

A 100% client satisfactory image editing needs the detail information about the image you are going to edit. Find out the answers- Who is it for? What is it for, and where is it for? These are going to affect lots of things.
The previous two points will affect your color toning, grading, and the feeling of the image. But this will affect your finishing like all the sharpening, the way you crop the photos, the way you will export the photos.
Remember to get the information about is it going to be printed in a book, is it only going to be used on the web, or is it going to be for children or adults?

4.Fastest Image Editing Software

Now, you have figured out the style, feeling, grading, finishing, and all. After that, you have to find the quickest way to get there because there is a lot of software out there and literally you have to go through many of them to complete an image editing.
For instance, if you have a portrait, you have to take that straight into Photoshop, and you have to sort out all the blemishes. Added to that you have to clean up there and maybe liquefy a few things also. Then you have to take it to the Lightroom. There you will need to use the primary options at the top, and then the Tone Curve to do your visualized colors grading and finishing.
That is the necessary process to complete an image editing by yourself, which is a long tail and requires a gang of time.

5. Only choose the Best One to Edit

Finally, it is time to make a whole lot of sacrifices. Because you do not need to edit all the images you have captured. Make sure to pick the right photos before you going for developing. You have to sit there inside the library and your selection. If you follow our previously discussed first three points properly, it will be easy to find out the best list of your images.
If you can ensure to execute all the above things, then your finished photo will talk to the audience as like never before.

Why You Need A Photo Editing Service?

Are you handling a large number of image files? Are they dragging your project down or increasing project timeline and risking your project as a whole? If yes, then you merely need an image editing service to hang out with. Maximum of the service providers offer image editing and photo retouching solutions that will help you to scale up and speed up your project with a fraction of the cost without even compromising with quality.
In this section, we will dig a deep into the reasons you need an image editing service right now.

Quick & Cost-efficient Option:
Whether the image type is complex or easy, a professional image editing service provider can deliver up to 5000 images per day. You can get the images ordered, in the next 12 to 24 hours. The best thing is some of their prices starts from 49 cents per image. And if you want more, they have 24/7 and 365 days support.

Free Trial Offer:
Before onboarding as a patron, you can try their services for free. If it is an online service provider, you just need to head over to their websites and hit the free trial button. You can reduce project bottlenecks and nightmares. An image editing service provides you the space to concentrate on creativity and your core services. They allow you to take on large projects and start a new one quickly and efficiently.

Versatile & Rich Support:
Whether you are a skilled photographer, freelance graphic designer, marketing and creative agency, eCommerce store manager, product catalog manager or magazine publisher, they have got an extensive range service you can try. A right editing service provider can solve your photo retouching, restoration, removing background, color correction, and everything that you need to fulfill your necessity.

They maintain strict quality control during photo editing, post-editing, and pre deliveries stages. The great thing is if you are not satisfied, they will have the offer to take unlimited revisions. Even some of them offer you the 100% money-back guarantee if they are unable to meet your expectations.

Easy Online Order Procedure:
The process of an excellent online image editing service provider follows to take an online order-

  1. Send them your images for a free trial
  2. They will send you the file within 24 hours with a custom quotation
  3. When you agree on the rate, you can send them the project using cloud storage or FTP.
  4. Tons of Experiences

Some of the photo editing service providers have dozens of years of experience in photo editing and have a dynamic and set of skilled people in their team. So, you can have a sound sleep if your project is in the right hand.

What are the Services you will get?

1. Clipping path

A clipping path is a clothes vector path or shape used to cut out an image. So, whatever inside the path will be included after the clipping is applied and anything outside the path that we create will be left out or clipped.
The process to create a clipping path in Photoshop:

We are going to discuss the pen used clipping path process. At first, you need to open your Photoshop. Then grab your pen tool by hitting the P on your keyboard. You have to make sure to able the paths panel so that you can preview your path as you are drawing it.

Next, what you have to do is, creating a path around the line of a subject foreground. And then you have to clip that path so that you will not be able to see the rest of the background or the lines once you import it into Illustrator or InDesign. So, let’s start by drawing the path.

The wonderful aspect of the pen tool is that you can always direct select tool after you have connected the dots from where you started to where you are ending. You can also adjust these points by using the grab tool.

So, now you have a path that you have created. It is still not a clipping path. Means, you are going to bring this selected object into InDesign, you will still see all of this background. Next, you have to do is to save the path. So, go to the menu fly-out in the path panel and click on the “Save Path” option. On the popup window, type any name that you want.
As we have said, it is the next step because the third step will be to clip the path. Now again click on the path panel and select the “Clipping Path” that will appear. Next, another popup window will jump up. In the path bar, select “lime” and change the Flatness as you wish. Click OK. And that is how you create a clipping path.

Advantages of clipping path service:

  • You can remove background to isolate and demonstrate your products more conspicuously
  • You can hide the background without removing it by using clipping path service
  • It allows you to change the shape of your image

2. Multi-Clipping Path

A multi-clipping path is a form of previously discussed clipping path. Clipping using multiple paths meant to be the multi-clipping path. You can also use this thing by using Photoshop’s pen tool as before. Basically, it is used to change the color of the individual or a portion of a photo.
The process to create a multi-clipping path in Photoshop
Multi-clipping path process is as same as clipping path; just you have to clip various objects of an image. It is the complex form of the clipping path. Let’s hover on the advantages of multiple clipping paths.
Advantages of multi-clipping path service
•You can change the colors of the fabric in a photo
•It is easy to adjust image opacity by multiple clipping path
•You can create various image layers
•Shade or tonal correction can be made by multiple clipping path
•You can manipulate the dimensions of a part of an image


3. Image Masking

Image masking is a non-destructive way to manipulate a photo or an image. You can hide a portion of an image or reveal that part in Photoshop by using image masking feature. If it is done flawlessly, you can adjust and tweak the masked part later if need. There are different types of image masking.
1.Layer masking
2.Clipping mask

3. Alpha channel masking

The process of image masking in Photoshop:
You can learn to mask just in a snap. It requires creativity and patience. In this part, we will only discuss the layer masking. So, let’s jump into it.
As we have told you before, you can show or hide a layer after adding a layer. You can also base the mask on transparency or selection. Then you will paint on the masked image to reveal or hide a portion of the layer.

At first, before you start, make sure to not select any part of your image by Select to Deselect option. Then click on the Layer panel and select Layer or Group. To create a mask, which will reveal all layers, click the Add Layer Mask option. You will find it in the Layer panel. Then choose Reveal All settings. This is the way to reveal a portion of an image.

Next, let’s see how can you hide the entire layer. Firstly, use the shortcut key of Alt + for Windows or click Option-Click for Mac operating system. Then select the Add Layer Mask button and Hide All. That’s it, isn’t it pretty simple, right?

Another way, you should follow when you are creating a mask from layer transparency. At first, in the layer panel, click on the layer and then choose the From Transparency from Layer Mask option. Photoshop will convert the transparency into an opaque color that supposed to be hidden by the recently created mask. Remember, this is an essential part of the image masking procedure. The whole and professional image masking require lots of tools to use effectively.

Advantages of image masking service:

  • Being a non-destructive way, it allows you to do future edit without any hassle or missing part.
  • You can hide or show a portion of an image by hiding another in the backend. The excellent side of this feature is, you don’t have to delete or crop the other part, which may require in future
  • You can modify the masked proportion of an image
  • You can remove or replace the background of translucent objects
  • It’s quite easy to color a specific part of an image by using image masking

4.Drop-Shadow Service

If you want to add an artificial shadow in behind or under of the subject in your photo, then the thing you required drop-shadow service. Though it is artificial, you can use it utterly as a realistic one, if it is done by a creative and experienced hand.

The process to create a drop-shadow in Photoshop:
Shadows are generally filtered into its environment. It can be either lighter or software, depending on your photo requirements. If you want to create a shadow for an object that has a regular base, then this part is for you.

At first, you have to make a selection around the shape of the object and cut and paste it onto its own layer. There are several ways to spot selections. So choose the method that is the most comfortable and most effective for you.

Once, you have your object on its own layer; make a copy of it by pressing Ctrl or Command J. Then make the original layer active and press Ctrl or Command T to open your Transform tool. Go to the top middle and press and hold Ctrl or Command. Then drag it down at an angle, that takes into account the position and the angle of the source of the light on your subject. To reposition it, click inside the Transform, move it and press Enter or Return.

Just to the right of the lock, click on the lock transparent pixel icon. Next, open your gradient tool and click on the arrow next to the horizontal gradient bar. Then click on the 3rd box, which is the black to white gradient. Make sure the Linear gradient option is highlighted. Go to the bottom of your object and drag the line above its top. Click back on the icon to unlock it to change the blend mode to the Multiply option.

Next, you have to blur the shadow but before that, make sure to match both bases of the object and the shadow. Go to the Filter tab and select the Gaussian blur option. Change the pixel amount to 3 pixels. But depending on the size of your image, you may have to change the number. Then open your Rectangular Marquee tool and drag out a rectangle across the top half of the shadow and click on Refine Edge setting. Feather it quite a bit as need.

In the final step, again go to the Gaussian Blur setting and change the radius number according to your need. Lastly, you have to reduce the shadow opacity to make it more realistic. So, this is the whole process to create a drop shadow, which will look like a realistic shadow.

Advantages of drop-shadow service:

  • It is easy to complete a bulk amount of image drop-shadow editing within quick time with a service provider
  • Due to its need for accurate shadow editing, only an image editing service provider can solve meeting your all requirements

5. Image Retouching

It’s a mandatory and most common image editing service that needs every photographer to give photos a life. Every client wants their raw images to be resized, reshaped, and added with some effects. You can find lots of shortcuts and 5 minutes of videos on Youtube to learn this. But what they can’t teach you is the creativity and handling pressure while working with a bunch of projects.

The process of creating a drop shadow in Photoshop:

Firstly, select and open the raw photo you want to edit. Let’s assume, we retouching a portrait photo. And the very first thing you need to do is to touch the photo by some general color corrections. Change the temperature, white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights, blacks, clarity, detail, and sharpening as you like.

Then there in Lens correction, you have to do a quick remove chromatic aberration and enable the Profile Corrections for that particular photo. Do this whole procedure in any secure photo editing software. And then import the photo in Photoshop.

In the next step, you have to make all pixel-pushing type adjustments. Do these by using the Liquefy tab and make sure to don’t waste too much time here, because you have to back in this section again after significant retouching.

The first thing that you have to do is retouch the eyes of the model by using the Red Eye tool. You will need to do some frequency separation for hair and skin and use some blemish attacks to change it in your way. Use the Spot Healing Brush in the Toolbox to do that. You can resize the brush size to do accurate editing.

In the next section, you have to play painting with layers. Use the New Layer button at the bottom of the Layer Panel. Then select on the Brush again and change the brush size as you want. Color the portions you wish to edit by using the Color Picker if you want to color just by clicking on a particular image part. After coloring the image, select Merge Down setting from the Layer menu to merge the painted layer.

Advantages of image retouching service

  • As you see, it’s a complicated process to retouch only one image, then you can guess what it would be if you have a whole project. Image editing service provider can do it for you and save your time to let you focus more on building client relations and your creativity
  • You don’t need to be worry if even after the editing your client is not satisfied and want some revisions. It’s a part of the services a service provider always has.

6. Restore Old Photos

Unfortunately, previously, people didn’t have the opportunities to store their photo on the cloud-like us. But the immense feeling about the memories was the same as now. So, lots of people having in that kind of trouble to restore their family photos just like it was captured. Fortunately, through modern photo editing technology, you can restore them better than before. Let’s check out the process of restoring an old image.

The process of restoring an old image in Photoshop:
At first, you need to scan the photo to open it in Photoshop. Before start editing, make sure to crop or resize the photo as required. Then you have to apply some filters to reduce the image noise. And to do that, click on the Filter button that is placed in the taskbar. Next, select Dust & Scratches under Noise tab. Change the radius pixels and threshold levels to achieve the desired effect.
In the next part, you have to deal with a complex task, which is fixing the damaged spots. To do so, you have to use three different tools- Spot Healing Brush, Patch Tool, and Clone Stamp. If you want to have, the most refined and accurate results, make sure to use these tools very carefully.

After that, it is time to make adjustments to the color correction. Naturally, the old photos seemed to be faded. But by using some of the color correction tools such as color, contrast, the tone you can make that to be seen easily. If you are not an expert, you can use Auto settings in every tool. But it may not provide the expected results.

Advantages of and image restoring service

  • It’s the easiest and reliable way to restore your old photos
  • Your old memories in the expert’s hand, so no need to worry about proper editing
  • They always have a backup plan to store your images.

7.Image Composing

If you have an ad network or a product that you need to promote with an attractive image, then you sure we know the importance of image composing. It is an image editing procedure to merge multiple photos into a single image to give it a dramatic look. If you ever saw a banner of a movie, you can understand what we are talking about. Admittedly, it is another editing requirement that requires considerable time and expertise.

The process of image composing in Photoshop:
First of all, open the photo in Photoshop that you want to edit. Let’s assume, you have an indoor bridal photo, in which you want to change the background like adding sky background and add another dark rainy image to make it look like an outdoor and dark shoot.

Firstly, jump to the selection tool, grab the Pen tool, and select the models or objects. Make sure to choose the part of the body of the purpose correctly, or the result will be worse. After finishing the selection process, click on the Layer Mask, and as a result, the background will be disappeared. Then drag the part in your 1st foreground you have selected for the base photo.
If you want to resize your image, press Ctrl + T. Now add the next background you want and put the layer under the image. Edit each layer as you want or need. If you are satisfied with everything, merge the all three layers onto the particular one. You can use a shortcut- Cmd/Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E to merge the photos.

Finally, you need to adjust the colors by using the Match Color setting and ensure a proper color balance between all images. You will find the Match color in Image Adjustment option. If you have enough knowledge about this particular part, surely you can come out with a better photo that will impress both you and your clients.
Advantages of image composing service

  • Image composing requires a professional sense and creative taste to provide a good result. And no doubt an image editing service can do that.

8. Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin is a pretty obvious way to showcase your saleable products for promotion. It can hold your products in their natural shape. So, you can make them look more consistent and professional to your audience.
The process of making ghost mannequin in Photoshop
It is one of the most challenging editing tasks. So, we are going step by step.

Step 1: At this step, you have to set up the layers.

  • First, open the photo you want to edit and to make the layer editable, double-click on the Background
  • Then create another layer, place it behind Front layer and give it a name.
  • After that, you have to fill 100% in the new Background layer and choose change to Contents.

Step 2: Secondly, Use the Magic Wand tool to select the Background.

  • Select the front layer in you layer panel
  • Now, Find out the Magic Wand tool and select it. It may be hidden behind the Quick selection option. To reveal that you have to click and hold the Quick selection tool.
  • You will see Select and Mask while selected Magic Wand at the top of the application window
  • If you see a black screen in the Private Window hit on Cancel and get the choose front layer. You do not need to worry because nothing will be deleted.
  • Hop in the View settings option and change it to On Layers
  • Click on the Select Subject setting
    At this moment, Photoshop will automatically figure out the subject of your image and will create a selection accordingly. You can try manual editing by using the tools on the left side of the Preview Window. Then,
  • Use the Refine Edge Brush tool to refine the selections. You can use Brush tool also.

Step 3: Select the mannequin

This is step is about removing the clothing by using the Magic Wand tool.

  • At first, select the Quick Selection tool, and from the options, bar choose to Subtract
  • Now select all the areas of the mannequin
  • If you by chance remove part of the product type Ctrl + Z and Command + Z for Mac to undo.
  • Reduce the size of the product image by using Size tool

The part of the selection does not require any perfection. But you have to refine enough and remove any extra pixels from the photo by using the Eraser tool.

Step 4: Creating a layer mask

Next, you need to mask out the subjects or objects background.

  • So, click on the mask icon that is placed at the bottom of the Layers panel
  • And then, in the Front layer icon, select the mask icon
  • Change the foreground color to white and make black for the background
  • Choose the Eraser
  • Erase the mannequin portions if you see any

Step 5: Selection of the interior

Now you have to break out the 2nd image. It will show the interior of your product or garment. At this stage, first repeat the process of step 2, 3. Then,

  • To copy the mask and the selection, use the Rectangular Marquee tool.
  • Select the Background of the Front image. And type Ctrl + V or Command V for Mac to paste and named it Neck
  • Then type Ctrl + T or Command + for Mac to scale your neck layer.
  • Repeat the process.

Step 6: Wrapping and cleaning up

This step will determine whether your photo is going to be a good mannequin or great mannequin.

  • Choose the Wrap tool from the Edit section
  • You have to pull up the center point of your neck with this tool. Give it a curved shape as like as a natural neck
  • If you are done with the curving, then use the Eraser tool to remove unnecessary parts
  • Repeat the process as it requires

Step 7: Darken the interiors

Finally, you have to add shadow.

  • Choose the Neck layer and then select Curves, which is placed under the Image section
  • In the dialog box of the Curves find the desired darkening amount and click OK
  • You can use the Burn tool if you want to darken interior areas
  • From the Background, the layer change the color if you wish to
    Advantages of Ghost Mannequin service
  • It’s an utterly professional task that requires 100% quality work if you want to impress your client. And an outsource service provider can reach the benchmark
  • Generally, ghost mannequin type works come with a bulk amount and specific deadline, which is not easy to deliver by a non-professional.

Why should you choose our service?

  • Free Trial:
    Now, it’s easier with us to start a long-run relation because we have added a free trial feature, which will help you to give it a chance without costing any bucks.
  • Best Price:
    From the beginning of our journey, we are committed that we will provide not only the best service standard but also the best price. Because, we know, how much this is important for you to save some extra money as a professional.
  • Quality & Professional Touch:
    We believe only a great team can bring a great product. So, you don’t need to worry when your work is in the hand of our A level team.
  • Easy To Order:
    The great news is now it’s nothing but a simple process to order your work online. Our online order processing system will provide you a comfortable and hassle-free experience.
  • Fast Delivery:
    Whether you have a single masterpiece or a bulk amount of work to deliver your client, as long as we are alive on Google, you will get the fastest delivery. And obviously, unlike others, our speed won’t affect our quality.
  • 24/7 Back 2 Back Service:
    Whether you have any query, scheduling meeting, or late night instructions, we are up there always.

Final Thought

Nothing can be as easy as now. Like other unorganized and unprofessional image editing service providers, we are not here to sell you. We are here to build a relation. We have discussed the above things and process in details to make you understand that it is as important as the people around you right now. People don’t last forever; it’s only their memories of what left. So, why take risks with some cheap fellow providers, why gambling with these priceless moments?
If you got a decision by the end of this article, buzz us in the chat or try our free trial option now. Till then take care of both yourself and your memories.


For bulk processing or any query related to our services – please contact us. We are available 24/7